The MFC Company's Online Training Platform

The MFC Company operates five websites to provide you with the most effective and efficient online training.

Anti-Hazing Education logo

This Anti-Hazing Education program was developed in partnership with the Max Gruver Foundation in an effort to educate high school and college aged students on the dangers and consequences of hazing. Our materials were composed by a university team and are focused on recognizing and responding to hazing, while presenting real life consequences for poor decisions. A video presentation of the heart-wrenching story of Max Gruver as told by his parents, Steven and Rae Ann, will demonstrate the life shattering costs of hazing. A portion of the proceeds of each course completion is donated to the Max Gruver Foundation. #FlyHighMax #StopTheHazing
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Classes logo

Our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Classes include Effective Decision Making, Employee Theft Prevention, Identify Theft Prevention, and Shoplifting Prevention. In order to participate in the program, you must have been referred by the court, district attorney, prosecuting agency, or healthcare provider.
Louisiana Driver Education logo is the platform for our defensive driving course for Louisiana drivers. The course is approved and certified by the State of Louisiana in accordance with the Louisiana Revised Statutes 22:1404 (redesignated r.s. 22:1457). In accordance with this statute, the Commissioner of Insurance has authorized a rate reduction of up to 10% if each insured driver completes a defensive driver course that is approved and certified by the Department of Public Safety and Corrections.
Student Safety Education logo is an online resource of student safety courses. We partner with subject matter experts in various fields to provide courses that address campus safety issues such as: hazing, sexual battery, alcohol and/or substance abuse, effective decision making, theft prevention, conflict resolution and bullying.