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Photo for Alcohol Awareness

Alcohol Awareness

Developed in partnership with The Eric Searcy Foundation, the alcohol awareness course takes participants through real life situations and consequences, while also highlighting the dangers of alcohol and how to recognize if you have a problem.

Photo for Anti-Bullying


This course teaches students about the various types of bullying, how to recognize when someone is being bullied and what to do as a victim or a bystander.

Photo for Anti-Hazing - Introductory Course

Anti-Hazing - Introductory Course

This course is a comprehensive learning experience composed of university research, written materials, expert commentary and various personal experiences.

Photo for Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

The inability to deal with anger can be frustrating, and in some ways, very dangerous. This conflict resolution course deals with some of the causes of anger and gives users tools to deal with anger in a more productive manner. (This course is sometimes also knows as “Anger Management”.)

Photo for Effective Decision Making - Introductory Course

Effective Decision Making - Introductory Course

This course delves into the steps that go into better decisions and the ultimate outcomes that will follow.

Photo for Financial Responsibility

Financial Responsibility

Financial responsibility is an important aspect of being successful and secure. This course explores both the pitfalls of making financial mistakes along with tips and guidance to get the participant back on track. Included in this course are the costs of bad credit decisions, the costs of writing a bad check and the long term impacts of poor financial responsibility.

Photo for Litter Prevention

Litter Prevention

Keeping our great state and country beautiful is the responsibility of all citizens. This Litter Prevention course discusses the true costs to society of littering and how we can all do our part to stop it.

Photo for Responsible Parenting

Responsible Parenting

One of the toughest jobs is being a parent. Our Responsible Parenting course covers the basics do’s and don’ts of parenting, while also exploring the causes and costs of truancy.

Photo for Sexual Battery Education

Sexual Battery Education

This course teaches participants how to identify sexual battery, impacts, consequences, and legal issues

Photo for Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse

This substance abuse course spotlights the dangers of many of the most commonly abused drugs – presenting consequences as well as focusing on how to identify if you are an addict and how to get help.

Photo for Theft Prevention

Theft Prevention

This course presents the costs and consequences of theft while providing tools to change behaviors and prevent future negative actions.

Photo for Vaping Education

Vaping Education

This course will explore the health pitfalls and other hidden dangers of vaping as well as resources for kicking the habit.